Lace Up for the DOE Mile

Runners and walkers: Join this friendly competition between labs across the DOE Complex.

Earn Your $100 Health Action Plan Funding

Time is running out to earn the $100 Health Action Plan credit for your 2023 Health Reimbursement Account or Health Savings Account—enroll by Sept. 30.

Renewable Energy

Your energy is limited, but renewable. Take advantage of Energy Hubs to renew your energy.

Rest, Recover, Recharge

Personal energy is a renewable resource. Learn to recharge for a healthier, happier, more productive life.

Your Health-Wealth Connection

Financial Well-Being and Beyond continues with interactive events and presentations to understand the tie-in between health and wealth.

Mindful Minutes Challenge

Earn $100 Health Action Plan credit by integrating mindfulness into daily life during four-week Mindful Minutes Challenge.

The Power of Whil

Explore this comprehensive tool designed to help manage stress by balancing high performance with restorative practices.

Invest in Your Health

As you consider your financial well-being this month, we urge you to take action to secure your Sandia-provided health dollars.

Thriving in a Stressful Environment

Are you just getting through each busy, stressful day to start it all over the next day? Instead of surviving, we want to help you thrive.

Healthy Cooking on a Budget

Time to load up your grocery carts with all those amazing summer phytonutrients. Amazingly enough, eating whole foods does not have to be expensive.