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Flu Shot Clinic

Getting a flu shot protects you, your loved ones, and your community. Employees can receive free flu shots onsite during this year’s Flu Shot Clinic.

Goal Setting for 2022

It’s time to close out FY21 performance results and begin goal setting for 2022. Find resources for writing SMART goals and identifying a career development goal.

The Education Plan

Starting a 529 plan early in a child’s life can lead to greater education savings, higher incomes and lower unemployment rates.

Take Action During Open Enrollment

Find out what’s new for 2022 and take action to select the benefits that work for you. Open Enrollment runs Oct. 25 – Nov. 12.

Energize in a Hub

Your energy is limited, but renewable. Whether you’re onsite or at home, make space to recharge.

New Health Savings Plan in 2022

New health plan option for 2022 offers more choice, lower paycheck deductions, and a new way to save for future healthcare expenses.

Understand Dimensions of Diversity

Understanding the dimensions of diversity helps us work productively and bring our full selves to work. This new I&D competency module is now available.

Stay Healthy Through the Holidays

The holidays don’t have to wreak havoc on your health routines. Join this eight-week program for tips on healthily enjoying the holiday season.

Culture of Giving

Connect with key community representatives and get involved in Sandia’s culture of giving, including volunteer opportunities.

Energy Drain

Are you battling The Great Pandemic Energy Drain? Health Coach Jon Pier shares tips and resources to boost your energy.