News & Communications

The Education Plan

Kids grow up fast. The Education Plan is New Mexico’s official 529 college and accredited institution savings plan. You can set up withdrawals once and easily manage your account online.

Coping with Stress

Stress management is a valuable skill for both your mental and physical health. With the challenges we’ve faced this year, its especially important to understand how to cope with stress and build resilience.

Town Hall on Racism

Join the labs-wide town hall discussion on systemic racism and what we can do about it on Aug. 10.

Flexible Schedule

With school districts signaling a remote fall semester, Sandia parents are facing a new set of challenges.

Year-End Deadlines

Year-end is approaching—now is the time to submit your 2020 year-end results in ePerformance.

Support New Moms

Break down stereotypes, taboos, and awkwardness about breastfeeding in this month’s Diversity Cinema.

Sandia’s Got Talent

Join the virtual fun with SERP’s three-month Sandia’s Got Talent contest and check out the online sale.

Are You Walking Away from Money?

As Financial Wellness Month wraps up, take a look around—are you walking away from money? Sandians and spouses are leaving a big chunk of money designated for health expenses on the table.

Special Vacation Donation

The Special Vacation Donation Program is still open for donations and for requests for donated hours.

Listening Sessions

In celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, Sandia is hosting listening sessions for nursing mothers.