CAREER: Receiving Performance Feedback as a Valuable Tool for Growth

Receiving performance feedback isn’t always easy, but feedback provides you valuable insights into how you can grow and develop. Review tips for receiving feedback with an open mind and treating what you learn as the valuable tool it is.

CAREER: Master the Art of Giving Constructive Feedback

There’s an art to giving constructive performance feedback. Over the course of the performance cycle many of us will receive feedback requests for fellow Sandians. Review these top five tips for providing meaningful and actionable feedback.

CAREER: How to Prepare for Valuable Performance Check-ins

Performance Check-ins are your opportunity to have constructive performance and career development conversations with your manager. Make these conversations more valuable with a little preparation.

CAREER: Start Strong—Set Goals for FY24

We’re excited to jump into the new performance engagement system, which starts with you generating and aligning performance goals for the upcoming year.

CAREER: Change is Coming to Performance

Based on your feedback, we have reimagined the way we approach performance at Sandia.

CAREER: Prepare for Year-End Performance Review

Now is the time for regular, nonrepresented employees to finalize your results for the Sandia Standard Goal, SMART Goals, Behaviors, and Career Development Goal(s) in ePerformance.

Request Feedback for Year-End Performance

Feedback is an important element of performance management. It gives your manager a more complete picture of your performance and how your behaviors embody Sandia’s values.