Career Development Guide a Resource for Career Planning

Check out this new collection of voluntary and self-directed resources to help you build a career roadmap.

A New Way to Pursue Career Growth

If you’re looking for a new opportunity or increased responsibility, the newly enhanced post-and-bid process is great news.

Living the Values

Sandia’s core purpose has been to render exceptional service in the national interest, but what does that look like each day?

New Hire Resources

HR has streamlined pre-hire requirements by creating a step-by-step series of webpages, available when you need it, on demand.

Summer Intern Events

Find out what’s in store for the more than 400 summer interns who are about to join the workforce.

Earn Your Degree

Earn a master’s or doctoral degree while working part-time through Sandia’s University Programs.

Mid-Year Feedback

Get a head start on your mid-year feedback, a valuable tool for optimizing your performance.

Internal Job Offer Changes

The enhanced internal job offer process now aligns and is consistent with the process for external candidates.

It’s Time for Goal Setting

It’s time to prepare for the next year with the goal setting phase of performance management. Consider what you’ll focus on and where you might stretch, develop, and grow.

Culture of Giving

Connect with your community and get involved in Sandia’s culture of giving, including volunteering.