Post and Bid Opportunities

The post and bid process has been expanded to provide more career growth opportunities.

University Partnerships

Sandia’s new partnership with Texas A&M includes in-state tuition benefits.

Ready to Ignite Your Career?

One of the biggest benefits of working at Sandia is the opportunity to have a long and varied career. Ongoing career development is key to your professional success, and we want to equip you with the necessary tools and opportunities.

It’s Time for Mid-Year Performance Review

The mid-year review phase of performance management is underway. During mid-year reviews, employees evaluate and document their progress in ePerformance and plan how to complete their goals before year-end review.

Engage with New Employees

Find out how you can help improve retention at the Labs by engaging with new employees.

Request Feedback

Request feedback for Mid-Year Performance by April. 1.

Intern Program

Learn about changes to the Student Intern Program.

Career Development Guide

Explore this collection of resources provided designed to help you build your own Sandia career roadmap.

Post and Bid Enhancements

Looking for more responsibility? The Sandia post-and-bid process has been expanded again to include Distinguished level (D-level) positions.

New 360 Multi-Rater Tool

The new 360 Multi-Rater Assessment provides a 360-degree view of performance.