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CAREER: Changes Coming To Workweek, Timesheets, Paydays

Exempt employee workweeks are moving from a Friday-Thursday schedule to a Saturday-Friday schedule and paycheck delivery will move from Thursdays to Fridays.

CULTURE: Connect with Labs Leadership

Whether you’re a seasoned employee or new hire, this hybrid event is a valuable opportunity to connect with Labs leadership for an inside look into Sandia’s purpose, behaviors, goals and vision.

CAREER: Who Inspires You?

Employee Recognition Award nominations are open through Friday, Feb. 2. Don’t miss this opportunity to recognize your peers for their outstanding contributions to the Labs.

CULTURE: Using Preferred Names at Sandia

More than 10,000 members of Sandia’s workforce have taken advantage of a new feature that allows the use of preferred names in many of Sandia’s systems, including Sandia Directory (SAPLE), Inside page, Outlook and Teams.

CAREER: Remote Workers Have More Resources at Their Fingertips

The updated Telecommuting/Remote Work Policy and associated guide improves clarity and describes reduced approval requirements. Plus, plug into the Telecommuting and Virtual Work Community for resources and support.