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My People Widget

It’s easier than ever for managers to stay connected with your new employees with My People Widget available on Inside.

Buddy System

The Buddy System for new hires will include the option for manager-level buddy assignments for new managers.

Sandia’s Core Values Video Series

Watch the new Sandia Values Video series, which capture some of Sandia’s leaders sharing how the Core Values have helped inform their decisions and experiences.

New Hire Resources

HR has streamlined pre-hire requirements by creating a step-by-step series of webpages, available when you need it, on demand.

Sandia Film Festival

Prepare for an intense hour of films giving you a front row seat at to Sandia’s mission-critical work including rocket sled tests, explosive events, and beyond.

We Want To Hear From You

Save a few minutes to complete the Employee Engagement Survey before Wednesday, June 2. This anonymous survey is essential for giving you an opportunity to give honest feedback and to help Sandia continue to improve.

Flexible Work Options Panel

Join this discussion to learn about flexible work options and hear from Sandians who telecommute or who work a flexible or part-time schedule.

Summer Intern Events

Find out what’s in store for the more than 400 summer interns who are about to join the workforce.

Culture of Leadership

Hear the perspective of our Sandia leadership past, present, and future at Culture of Leadership event.

HR Holiday Hours

Winter Shutdown is just around the corner. Find holiday hours for HR Solutions and the medical clinic.