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CULTURE: Connect with Labs Leadership

Whether you’re a seasoned employee or new hire, this hybrid event is a valuable opportunity to connect with Labs leadership for an inside look into Sandia’s purpose, behaviors, goals and vision.

CAREER: Who Inspires You?

Employee Recognition Award nominations are open through Friday, Feb. 2. Don’t miss this opportunity to recognize your peers for their outstanding contributions to the Labs.

CULTURE: Using Preferred Names at Sandia

More than 10,000 members of Sandia’s workforce have taken advantage of a new feature that allows the use of preferred names in many of Sandia’s systems, including Sandia Directory (SAPLE), Inside page, Outlook and Teams.

CAREER: Remote Workers Have More Resources at Their Fingertips

The updated Telecommuting/Remote Work Policy and associated guide improves clarity and describes reduced approval requirements. Plus, plug into the Telecommuting and Virtual Work Community for resources and support.

ERA Award Winners

The 2023 Employee Recognition Award winners have been announced. The peer-to-peer recognition program celebrates those demonstrating achievements at the highest level. 

Connect with Labs Leadership

Hear from Sandia’s leaders as they discuss Sandia’s values, navigating Sandia’s unique culture, and how we are embracing a new hybrid work environment.

Drug Testing: Updated Guidance for Remote Workers

Due to increased numbers of Sandians working remotely and many states legalizing marijuana products, Sandia’s Drug Testing Office has issued updated guidance for remote workers and more important information you need to know about drug testing at Sandia.