WELL-BEING: Overwhelmed By Holiday or Daily Stress? We’ve Got Your Back

Don’t let the stressors of the holiday season get the best of you. Get the best out of the holiday season by taking advantage of our emotional well-being resources.

WELL-BEING: Sandia Offers Timely Access to Health Care

As we enter cold and flu season, timely access to health care becomes even more important. Whether through our clinics or Sandia-sponsored health plans, we’ve got you covered.

WELL-BEING: Ready to Find Your Calm?

Your ability to quiet your mind and relax your body on demand is a valuable life skill. In this five-session series, you will learn techniques to tune your nervous system for better health and performance.

WELL-BEING: Prepare for Flu Season—Get Your Flu Shot

Employee Health Services in New Mexico will offer walk-in flu shots for employees under age 65 next week. Shots in California available Nov. 1.

WELL-BEING: Don’t Let This Deadline Stress You Out

The Health Assessment deadline does not come with dire consequences if you miss it, but there are health and financial rewards if you meet it.

WELL-BEING: Self-Guided Video HAP Now Available

Enroll in the Healthy Habits self-guided video health action plan to earn your $100 HAP credit toward your 2024 HRA/HSA.

WELL-BEING: Recharge Without the Electrical Outlet

Recharging our phones is second nature. What isn’t quite as automatic is knowing how to recharge ourselves, which can help us deal with stresses of daily life.

Preparing for Parenthood

From health and wellness classes focused on pregnancy health to information on parental leave and childcare options, we offer plenty of resources to support parents during this exciting time.

Health is the Greatest Wealth

As you consider your financial well-being this month, we urge you to take action to secure your Sandia-provided health dollars.

Save Money on Meals and in the Aisles

Explore our money-saving tips for creating easy, healthy meals and spending less on your shopping trips.