Category: BENEFITS

WELL-BEING: Support for Working Parents

For working parents balancing family and work can sometimes feel overwhelming. We offer benefits-eligible, non-represented Sandians and their family members resources to help working parents.

WELL-BEING: Simplifying Medical Coverage for Retiring Employees

To make health insurance decisions a little easier when retiring, Sandia is simplifying the medical coverage options for Medicare-eligible employees who retire beginning next year.

Preparing for Parenthood

From health and wellness classes focused on pregnancy health to information on parental leave and childcare options, we offer plenty of resources to support parents during this exciting time.

Focus on Finance, Well-Being, and Family Care

July is full of opportunities to focus on finances, emotional well-being, and family care during Financial Well-Being and Beyond.

Health is the Greatest Wealth

As you consider your financial well-being this month, we urge you to take action to secure your Sandia-provided health dollars.

When Life Happens, We’ve Got You Covered

While you’re busy solving the Nation’s challenges, let us help you manage some of life’s challenges. Receive personalized support to help you tackle the logistical and administrative challenges that life throws at you.

Fund Your Well-Being with the New Lifestyle Spending Account

Sandia’s new Lifestyle Spending Account offers our multigenerational workforce more choice and flexibility to support your varied well-being needs and interests.

Earn Health Dollars

Get healthier while earning funding for your Health Savings Account or Health Reimbursement Account.

Take Action During Open Enrollment

Sandia’s 2023 benefits menu provides more choices, more ways to save, and additional support for your personal priorities. Review your choices and take action during Open Ernollment, Oct. 19-Nov. 9.

Open Enrollment Preview

Open Enrollment is coming, and with an expanded benefits lineup for Open Enrollment 2023, Sandia continues to deliver on what you’ve told us you want: more choices, lower paycheck deductions, and a way to save for the future.