Category: BENEFITS

Open Enrollment Preview

Open Enrollment is coming, and with an expanded benefits lineup for Open Enrollment 2023, Sandia continues to deliver on what you’ve told us you want: more choices, lower paycheck deductions, and a way to save for the future.

Back to School Discounts

Getting ready for a new school year? It’s the season for back to school savings through Sandia Extras.

Using Your Health Savings Account

The savings and spending accounts that come with our health plans can help you budget and pay less for healthcare expenses.

Your Health-Wealth Connection

Financial Well-Being and Beyond continues with interactive events and presentations to understand the tie-in between health and wealth.

Childcare & Eldercare

Balancing family and work can be overwhelming. Sandia offers resources to make it easier to find childcare and eldercare.

Financial Well-Being and Beyond

With everything on your plate, sometimes the important things get lost in the shuffle. That’s why it’s important to carve out time for yourself, to focus on things like your finances, your emotional well-being, and your family and friends.

Education Plan: More Than Tuition

With the cost of tuition and other college expenses rising each year, the flexibility and peace of mind offered by the Education Plan is even more valuable.

Life & Family Services

Explore how our Life and Family Care Services can help you manage life struggles and achieve work-life balance.

Using Your Health Savings Plan

Find out the different ways you can use your Health Savings Plan and associated savings account.

Explore Your Benefits

Learn more about your benefits in our monthly lunch and learn series of topic-focused deep dive sessions presented by Sandia’s benefits experts.