Celebrate NAHM

The American Indian Outreach Committee is hosting several events to celebrate Native American Heritage Month.

Understand Dimensions of Diversity

Understanding the dimensions of diversity helps us work productively and bring our full selves to work. This new I&D competency module is now available.

Culture of Giving

Connect with key community representatives and get involved in Sandia’s culture of giving, including volunteer opportunities.

Hispanic Heritage Month at Sandia

Celebrate at virtual and community events hosted by Hispanic Outreach for Leadership & Awareness.

Celebrating Diversity and the Value of Inclusion

Sandia’s diverse workforce values inclusion. This month join IDEA to celebrate the success of Sandians who epitomize the innovation and mission success of a diverse and inclusive workplace and learn how to harness inclusion and cultural awareness to increase engagement, creativity, and performance.

Navigating Childcare

In August’s Diversity Cinema, Sandia Parents Group will host a discussion around the challenges of finding childcare.

Pride Month at Sandia

Sandia Pride Alliance Network is celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month by hosting a series of events to promote awareness of LGBTQ issues, including how to be an ally.

Celebrate With Food

Sandians represent a rich tapestry of cultures and traditions. Submit your recipes and stories for our cookbook honoring World Day for Cultural Diversity.

Honoring Asian Americans

Sandia celebrates Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month with events that honor their contributions at Sandia and in the community.

Cultural Awareness Calendar

New web-based Cultural Awareness Calendar helps you with inclusive day-to-day planning and highlights cultural observances