CULTURE: What It Means to Lead Courageously

Leading Courageously in a complex work environment is understanding that you may not always do things right, but you will always do the right thing. Take a learning journey to understand how to lead with courage.

CULTURE: Explore How Comparison Affects the Workplace

The next Connections session examines what happens when we allow comparison to enter the workplace and influence our interactions with others and ourselves.

CULTURE: Connecting When We Feel Wronged

Join the fourth Connections workshop to explore emotions related to anger and how to use these emotions to connect with others and with yourself.

CULTURE: Sandia Celebrates Diversity & Inclusion

Listen as a panel of Sandia’s award winners share the stories of their inspiring careers and advice on how to effectively navigate through Sandia’s corporate norms.

CULTURE: Helping Parents Balance Work and Child-Raising

Balancing work and raising children is a challenge for many Sandians. Sandia Parents Group helps you balance a successful and productive career while managing caregiving responsibilities.

Connecting When Things Don’t Go As Planned

Explore how you can use feelings of disappointment, regret, and frustration to create meaningful relationships with others at work and with yourself.

Tune in to Inclusion Cafe

IDEA unveils Inclusion Cafe, a series of recorded talks designed to be a safe space to discuss sensitive topics, broaden your perspective, and keep you current with the direction that the Labs wants to grow in.

Pride Month at Sandia

June is Pride Month for the LGBTQ+ community, and Sandia Pride Alliance Network is hosting a series of events to celebrate!

Connections Series Continues

The second workshop in the series explores elements to cultivating meaningful connections at work.

Program Offers Wealth of I&D Resources

Sandians have access to a corporate program providing a wealth of inclusion and diversity tools, resources, and webinars.