WELL-BEING: Support For Families with Special Needs

It’s hard to bring your full self to work when your individual needs aren’t met or you are worrying about providing quality care and support for a loved one with special needs. We offer resources to help you and your family manage special needs care, therapies, education and other accommodations.

CULTURE: Celebrate Black History Month

This month we honor the contributions, achievements and cultures of African Americans through scientific and technological exhibits, an artistic showcase, and even our taste buds.

CULTURE: When Things Are Too Much. . .

It’s that time of year again when the activity, the expectations and the work feels like too much. Join this Connections session to discover the best ways to handle the stress, anxiety, worry, fear and even excitement before they overwhelm us.

CULTURE: Finding Connection with an Open Heart

What happens when we do take a chance and leave ourselves open to connection, heartbreak, trust or betrayal? Join the November Connections session to explore places we go with the heart it open.

CULTURE: Searching for Connection

Feeling lonely or disconnected? Loneliness is a prevelant condition in the U.S. these days, but human connection is a vital component to our health and our ability to thrive at work.

CULTURE: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Learn about two culturally rich events hosted by HOLA to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, from music and food to the stories of Sandians who were the first in their family to graduate college.

CULTURE: Using Preferred Names at Sandia

More than 10,000 members of Sandia’s workforce have taken advantage of a new feature that allows the use of preferred names in many of Sandia’s systems, including Sandia Directory (SAPLE), Inside page, Outlook and Teams.

CULTURE: What It Means to Lead Courageously

Leading Courageously in a complex work environment is understanding that you may not always do things right, but you will always do the right thing. Take a learning journey to understand how to lead with courage.

CULTURE: Explore How Comparison Affects the Workplace

The next Connections session examines what happens when we allow comparison to enter the workplace and influence our interactions with others and ourselves.

CULTURE: Connecting When We Feel Wronged

Join the fourth Connections workshop to explore emotions related to anger and how to use these emotions to connect with others and with yourself.