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WELL-BEING: Health Options for Winter Shutdown

The New Mexico Employee Health and Wellbeing Clinic will be closed over the shutdown. Know your health care options during the shutdown.

WELL-BEING: How to Train the Mind for Calm, Focus and Connection

Harness the power of mindfulness and train your mind to be more adaptable, resilient and clear—the foundation for new levels of creativity, confidence connection and joy.

CULTURE: When Things Are Too Much. . .

It’s that time of year again when the activity, the expectations and the work feels like too much. Join this Connections session to discover the best ways to handle the stress, anxiety, worry, fear and even excitement before they overwhelm us.

WELL-BEING: ‘Tis the Season to Reflect and Connect

The holiday season is a good time to focus on developing and improving your relationships and connections with your community. Rolling into a new year is an opportunity to assess your health status and reflect on your current health goals and how to adjust them in 2024.

WELL-BEING: More Great Benefits Coming in 2024

Beginning in 2024 we will offer employees new and enhanced benefits, including two floating holidays, increased vacation, an employer-sponsored childcare fund, expanded eligible expenses for the Lifestyle Spending Account and more.

CAREER: Invest in Your Professional and Educational Aspirations

If you’ve been thinking about enhancing your academic learning, let’s invest in your professional and educational aspirations together. Discover how Sandia can help you elevate your future through education with the University Educations Program offerings.

WELL-BEING: Overwhelmed By Holiday or Daily Stress? We’ve Got Your Back

Don’t let the stressors of the holiday season get the best of you. Get the best out of the holiday season by taking advantage of our emotional well-being resources.

CAREER: Start Strong—Set Goals for FY24

We’re excited to jump into the new performance engagement system, which starts with you generating and aligning performance goals for the upcoming year.

WELL-BEING: Sandia Offers Timely Access to Health Care

As we enter cold and flu season, timely access to health care becomes even more important. Whether through our clinics or Sandia-sponsored health plans, we’ve got you covered.

CULTURE: Finding Connection with an Open Heart

What happens when we do take a chance and leave ourselves open to connection, heartbreak, trust or betrayal? Join the November Connections session to explore places we go with the heart it open.